Need a website?

Give us 2 weeks and we will build you a brand new website.

Includes custom photography and content for your website!

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You don’t pay until you’re happy

We are confident you will be happy with the site we build you. We’re so confident, that if you don’t like your new website, you don’t pay!


We focus on getting you more customers

The whole point of a website isn’t to “look pretty” — it’s to get customers! We focus on tactics that will get you results.

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Proudly based in Omaha, Nebraska

We work with clients all over the United States, but sometimes its nice to meet someone face-to-face to get things done fast.

Websites shouldn’t be so expensive!

Nice to meet you! We are Charista and Amanda - the sole owners and operators of Chosen More. You’ll work directly with us to get your site launched!

Nice to meet you! We are Charista and Amanda - the sole owners and operators of Chosen More. You’ll work directly with us to get your site launched!

avoid the cost of a big marketing agency

  • You don’t need to spend months planning and pay a whole bunch of money for a fancy logo or “branding.” We keep things simple and get your site done fast.

  • We build your website on the Squarespace platform and pass on the savings to you.

  • We create you a website that looks credible, explains what you do, and most importantly, gets you customers!

Get a new website for $2,000

The typical website from a Marketing agency will cost you $10,000 or more. You’ve probably noticed most agencies aren’t upfront with their pricing because they want to “sell” you in person. We prefer the straight forward approach.

If you hire us to do your Google Ads for 3 months you get a discount and only pay $2,000 for your website. Just need a website? No problem - your total price for your new website is $3,000. Either option includes all your content and photography too.


Know exactly what you want? Great! Indecisive? That’s ok too!

Most of our customers would rather us pick the items below, but if you have something specific you want, just let us know.

  • Colors

  • Fonts

  • Content

  • Images

Have examples of websites you like? Send them our way!

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An easy process to get results

Nobody likes to see these projects drag on forever. We keep things moving so you can start getting results. We work around your schedule, but here is an example of our typical process:

  1. Monday: An in-person meeting to understand your business and goals

  2. Tuesday: Create the first draft of your website

  3. Wednesday: Install Google Analytics and finalize first draft

  4. Thursday: Have a photoshoot to get custom images for your website.

  5. Friday: Review the final product together, make any changes needed, and launch the site

Ready to get started?

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Responsive design and mobile friendly.

Optimized for SEO.

Ready for advertising.

Why our customers choose us

  • We can make websites fast and in a cost-effective way because we don’t overcomplicate it. We use the latest platforms and tools to keep your costs low.

  • We are business people, not artists. Both of us have our Masters in Business Administration from Creighton University. We understand that the purpose of a website isn’t to look pretty, but to drive new business.

  • You don’t have to pay for a photographer or use cheesy stock photos - we take care of that for you


What information do you need from me?

We will have an in-person meeting and will ask you some simple questions about your business. We focus on learning what your potential customers want to know so we can include this information on your website. You will know the answers to these questions, so no need to prepare anything. And that’s all you need! We keep things easy!

Will the website be good for SEO?

Absolutely! We build with SEO in mind. The most important thing for SEO is to have your website structured in a way that Google can “crawl” it so it knows what’s on the page. You’ll also want other websites link to yours and continually write quality content for your website. We can set you up with a blog page that you can update on an ongoing basis. Many of our clients find that working to get a good SEO ranking on Google is too slow and time consuming, and in that event, we help you get paid traffic using Google Ads. It’s the fastest and most effective way to drive the traffic you want to your website. We are Google Ads experts and happy to share more about this with you.

What is the monthly cost? Who handles the hosting?

That’s one of the advantages of having your site built on the Squarespace platform - you don’t have to pay for separate hosting. You will either pay Squarespace $12 per month or $20 per month (if you’re selling products on your website). We don’t have any monthly “maintenance” fees or any other ongoing charges you have to pay. You have complete control over your website.

Can I edit the website myself?

Absolutely! Squarespace is super user-friendly and is one of the easiest platforms to make changes to your website. That way you can make changes without having to pay someone to do it for you. We’ll show you how to do this so you feel confident! Also, Squarespace has a robust support team, so if you ever have questions, you can chat with them for free!

Why do you take photos for the website?

Having photos of you as the business owner or photos of the business makes the website both more credible and more personal. And it is way less cheesy than the typical stock photo! We’ve found that websites with good imagery get our customers way more leads. We handle this for you so your website can get the best results.

What do I do to get started?

Simply fill out the contact form below or email us at We will get back to you right away to schedule our initial meeting.

Looking forward to talking to you!

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